Yellow Moon Press is committed to publishing material from the various arts of the oral tradition. It is our goal to make available material that both explores the history of the oral tradition and breathes new life into it. We started by publishing poetry in 1978 but realized over the next several years that our interest was really the spoken word as an oral tradition, which led us to storytelling and then music. We now feel that our focus is fully defined and unique. Many of our titles are being adopted as course texts across the country, which goes to show that interest in the oral arts continues to grow. It is exciting to know that more and more adults and children are learning about other cultures and times in history.

"It is an honor to be able to provide individuals, especially children, with culturally accurate and accessiable stories from a wide range of cultures. Our titles include stories from Africa to Vietnam, Sicily to Ireland, as well as Japanese cultures. All explore and present the unique approaches to life in each of these traditions. For only when we appreciated our differences will we tolerate them."

Robert Smyth, Publisher